Dancing In The Rain


okay literally don’t ever fucking tell me wesley is rude or an asshole. don’t you fucking dare. he loves every single one of us with all his heart,  he always meets people out by the buses, he wears our merch he reads our letters for damn sake and tweets people thanking them. yeah, what a jerk he is, right? i would give my life for that boy so please, just don’t. fucking. go. there. 


these things are freakin amazing


these things are freakin amazing


#when u get food in ur bra

*squints suspiciously*

i like you, new character….

*squints more suspiciously*

you’re going to die.
aren’t you.


1D Throwback 2013

One Direction in Australia 

"I don’t understand why you can’t just be nice to people, whether you’re in the public eye or not."